Explore ancient canyons, fish state wildlife areas, or boat a gorgeous reservoir. Visitors do this and more in Prowers County.
Among the shimmering grasslands are recreational opportunities void of crowds yet filled with excitement.
Discover something new on the Comanche National Grassland or the Willow Creek Nature Trail or simply enjoy a day in the park. Prowers County is sure to surprise each visitor with all the recreational opportunities it has to offer.

Come See the Snow Geese on the Great High Prairie

The town of Lamar, one of the largest towns in Southeast Colorado, is also known to be one of the best birding destinations in the state.

Popular Recreational Activities on The Great High Prairie

Prowers County has many interesting projects completed by the WPA. Take this tour and check them out!

North Gateway Park

Paddle, fish, or boat at North Gateway Park, where two conveniently located ponds make spending a great day on the water easy.

Willow Creek Park

Willow Creek Park was Colorado’s first CWA project and the first planned park in Lamar, providing a location for active and passive recreation activities.

The Great High Prairie Parks

Lamar has many parks with amenities to suit all interests.

Great High Prairie Trails

Discover the great trails in and around Prowers County.

Fishing on The Great High Prairie

With so many great bodies of water, fishing is a popular Prowers County past time.

OHVing the Syracuse Sand Dunes

Right across the Colorado border are the Syracuse Sand Dunes, a Kansas staple for OHVing.

Spreading Antlers Golf Course

Challenge yourself by playing the Spreading Antlers Golf Course, often referred to as the “most challenging nine-hole course in the country.”

Birding the Two Buttes Trail

Two Buttes Trail is a section of the Colorado Birding Trail that runs through Prowers County and northern Baca County.

Vogel Canyon Hiking Trails

These hiking trails take you to the bottom of Vogel Canyon, along the top of the mesa, and through shortgrass prairie and juniper trees.

The Willow Creek Nature Trail

The Willow Creek Trail provides a unique opportunity for visitors to observe migratory birdlife, native plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish in a variety of ecosystems, including short grass prairie and riparian habitats.

Comanche National Grassland

The Comanche National Grassland includes over 440,000 acres in southeastern Colorado and offers superb opportunities for hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, and more.

John Martin Reservoir State Park

John Martin Reservoir, the largest body of water in southeastern Colorado, sits like a sapphire on the plains. This state park is not only a Santa Fe National Historic Trail Site but many also consider it to be a birdwatcher’s paradise with almost 400 species documented.

Canyons of Southeastern Colorado

Colorful and extensive canyons exist along the many tributaries of the Cimmaron and Purgatoire Rivers in southeastern Colorado.

Great High Prairie State Wildlife Areas

State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) are state or privately-owned lands that offer wildlife-related recreation to the public. While most activities focus on hunting and fishing, each SWA has different allowed activities based on location and available resources.

Birding on the Great High Prairie

The town of Lamar, one of the largest towns in Southeast Colorado, is also known to be one of the best birding destinations in the state.

The High Plains Snow Goose Festival

In February, when the fields and reservoirs of Southeastern Colorado turn white—not from snow but from the large white geese arriving by the thousands during their traditional migration to their winter roosts—it’s time, once again, for the annual High Plains Snow Goose Festival, one of the largest birding festivals in Colorado.

Two Buttes Mountain

At 4,711 feet, Two Buttes Mountain is the highest point in Powers County. 

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