Prowers County lies on the southeastern plains of Colorado, just over the Kansas border.
Lamar, the county seat, hosts one of ten Colorado Welcome Centers, welcoming over 60,000 visitors annually.
With its communities Lamar, Wiley, Holly, and Granada, Prowers County is home to a population steeped in agriculture and looking toward the future as it adopts sustainable farming and energy practices.
Events fill Prowers County’s calendar, drawing visitors nationwide and inviting them to discover the beauty of a Colorado grasslands’ sunset, the joy of large bird populations, and the peace that lies at the base of a canyon or alongside a tranquil lake.

Points of Interest

Discover many unique attractions in Prowers County. Tour the region to spot them all, such as Pike’s Tower, Gobbler’s Knob and more.

Arts & Culture

Dive into the arts and culture that make up Prowers County, including those of days gone by to those influincing the region today.

Self-Guided Tours

Hop in your car and take one–or all–of these self-guided tours that take you to one end of Prowers County and back.

Restaurants, recreation facilities, attractions, and more are now open with state-approved COVID-19 safety measures in place.

With plenty of open space, we offer an ideal place to get away and be safe. Business situations change frequently, so we recommend calling ahead.


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