Set upon Colorado’s southeastern plains, amid shimmering grasslands and beside majestic canyons, Prowers County epitomizes the American frontier spirit.
Home to a population that honors a connection to the land, respects the hundreds of unique, historical characters who helped shape the region, and carries an optimism for a future that utilizes sustainable farming and energy practices, Prowers County is leading the way toward growth and prosperity.
Discover the beauty of a Colorado grasslands’ sunset, the joy of large bird populations, and the peace that lies at the base of a canyon or alongside a tranquil lake. Discover Prowers County, Colorado’s southeastern gateway.
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Prowers County

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Big Timbers Museum

Big Timbers Museum features artifacts and exhibits of the history and legacy of the High Plains of Eastern Colorado. Exhibits range from the pioneers, dust bowl, and homesteaders to an exciting display of original World War I posters.

The Willow Creek Nature Trail

The Willow Creek Trail provides a unique opportunity for visitors to observe migratory birdlife, native plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish in a variety of ecosystems, including short grass prairie and riparian habitats.

Great High Prairie Wind Power Projects

What better place to harvest the wind than the windy prairies of southeastern Colorado? Dotted over the years by a variety of historic water-pumping windmills, the area now blends its historic past with a progressive future.

John Martin Reservoir State Park

John Martin Reservoir, the largest body of water in southeastern Colorado, sits like a sapphire on the plains. This state park is not only a Santa Fe National Historic Trail Site but many also consider it to be a birdwatcher’s paradise with almost 400 species documented.

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