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The High Plains Snow Goose Festival

The High Plains Snow Goose Festival

“In spring, waves of bright white snow geese against an endless blue sky fly into southeastern Colorado.  They roost on the scattered lakes on the prairie and feed in the surrounding fields, making the area a favorite rest stop on their annual migration.”

In February, when the fields and reservoirs of Southeastern Colorado turn white—not from snow but from the large white geese arriving by the thousands during their traditional migration to their winter roosts—it’s time, once again, for the annual High Plains Snow Goose Festival, one of the largest birding festivals in Colorado.

2023 Dates
February 3 through February 5

Families, bird watchers, and a variety of outdoor enthusiasts come to Lamar each February to see the arctic waterfowl as they arrive via the Western Central Flyway that includes Colorado, New Mexico, and the Texas Panhandle.

Prowers County’s scattered ponds, lakes, and reservoirs are waterfowl magnets, and the Snow Goose is no exception. In recent decades, their population has been exploding as they currently have a breeding population approaching 6 million, a sizable chunk of which migrate right through southeastern Colorado.

Not only are these geese beautiful to see, but the sound of tens of thousands of large white geese flapping their wings as they rise from the water is not something easily forgotten.

A family friendly event, the festival offers a variety of programs for both adults and children. Field trips, games, tours, and seminars will celebrate birding and the heritage of Southeastern Colorado.

Whether you are a seasoned birder or an amateur wanting to learn more or just interested in the event, you’ll be getting together with others to learn and explore.

Event registration is free and numerous programs are offered at no charge. However, field trips range in price depending on the length of the program and if meals are provided.

Tours take guests to Two Buttes Reservoir, John Martin Reservoir, Willow Creek, Camp Amache, and Picture and Carrizo Canyons, south of Lamar – make sure to register for tours as they can fill up fast.

Event Details 

The High Plains Snow Goose Festival

Lamar High School
1900 S. 11th Street
Lamar, Colorado 81052

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