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Two Buttes Mountain

Two Buttes Mountain

Rising out of the plains of southeastern Colorado is Two Buttes Mountain. Although it is called Two Buttes, it is actually a single mountain. At 4,711 feet, Two Buttes Mountain is the highest point in The Great High Prairie.  Despite this honor, Two Buttes Mountain also has the honor of being the lowest elevation peak in Colorado.

Two Buttes Mountain offers a rare treat on the plains of Southeastern Colorado—uphill hiking! An unusual, isolated hill, it’s visible from miles around and offers an easy hike across rangeland and up a short, steep pitch to its rocky summit.

Two Buttes Mountain’s formation is a twin hill that rises about 300 feet above the surrounding flat land. The south summit is approximately 30 feet higher than the north summit. The two summits are separated by a 300-foot-long saddle.

The views from the summit are very expansive because there is nothing surrounding the mountain except farmland. On a clear day, it’s possible to see for miles in all directions.

The vegetation on Two Buttes Mountain consists of high plains grasses and yucca plants. From the base, a hike to the summit takes 5 to 15 minutes for most hikers. The total distance for the out-and-back hike is .8 miles.

Two Buttes Mountain

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