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Blue Ranch Birding Tour

Blue Ranch Birding Tour

Blue Rose Ranch is situated in an area of southeast Colorado renowned for its location on the migratory route of many varieties of birds, some that are quite rare. Bear Creek winds through Blue Rose Ranch, with cottonwoods, shrubs, and grassland habitats providing outstanding birding, especially during migration. Two ephemeral ponds attract a variety of waterfowl and water birds at times of the year.

Blue Rose Ranch has first-class overnight facilities available to special guests with the option of evening fine dining and breakfast. Also available are horseback rides, tours, summer camps, campfires, and a variety of activities to suit your special needs. Overnight guests are by reservation only: 303-796-7739 or directors@blueroseranch.org.

Blue Ranch Birding Tour

30997 US Hwy 287
Springfield, CO 81073

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With plenty of open space, we offer an ideal place to get away and be safe. Business situations change frequently, so we recommend calling ahead.


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